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3D Laser Scanning: An advanced technology to optimize the inspection process of large-Volume Parts

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An advanced technology to optimize the inspection process of large-Volume Parts

Large-volume parts are important components of heavy industry. With the features of large size and complex structure, the manufacturing process is intensive and complicated. To prevent production defects, every stage in manufacturing has high accuracy requirements towards inspection.

Although the traditional contact methods have been used in the industry for many years, driven by the digital revolution trend in heavy industry, they are not able to meet the increasing demands for higher product quality and less production cycle time. Moreover, due to the lack of portability and specific shop floor condition requirements, it is difficult for engineers to move freely during the inspection process. Therefore, many foundries nowadays are seeking smart inspection methods with high efficiency and high flexibility. Designed with advanced laser scanning technologies, ZG’s complete 3D scanning solutions are ideal for the inspection of large-volume parts and can withstand harsh work environments.

Case: The Inspection of Large Weldments

The client needs to inspect a large weldment with the dimension of 12mx3mx2m. It has complex exterior and interior structures. Every part of the weldment has to be precisely measured with the accuracy up to 1.5mm. To ensure the finished part meet required technical standard, the surface features and geometries of the weldment have to be precisely inspected.


  • Large Size and Complex Structure

To obtain precise inspection results, all the edges of the parts have to be measured. Only in this way can the engineers acquire enough dimensional information. However, due to the large size and complex structure of the weldment, it is difficult for engineers to capture sufficient data information on the surface using traditional contact tools. Restricted by the limited measurement range of traditional methods, clients are not able to inspect the entire surface and overall structure of the weldment.

  • High Sensitivity to Manufacturing Environmental Instabilities

The manufacturing process in heavy industry is carried out in challenging industrial conditions. Both the parts and measuring devices are exposed to unstable environmental factors, such as workshop vibrations, equipment movement, humidity, varying temperatures and etc., which may lead to reduced inspection accuracy and throughput.

  • Time-Consuming

When adopting traditional measuring instruments to conduct inspection, engineers obtain data information by establishing discrete points on the part’s surface. Nevertheless, when measuring large-scale parts with complex shapes and surfaces, using conventional measurement methods requires longer inspection time and more manpower to implement dimensional data analysis.

ZGs 3D scanning solution: Accurate, Efficient, Portable and Flexible

Unlike traditional contact methods, laser scanning technologies help engineers inspect product defects that occurred in the manufacturing process while reducing the inspection time dramatically. It creates 3D modeling that enables engineers to accurately measure the entire surface of the target object.

ZG provides professional and complete 3D scanning solutions which dramatically reduce the time engineers spend to inspect defects, regardless of size, shape and surface condition of the object. In this case, we adopt HyperScan, the smart optical tracking 3D scanner, and PhotoShot Max, the wireless photogrammetry system, to conduct the scanning work.

  • Secure Accuracy in Harsh Working Environments

When inspecting large-volume parts, the traditional measuring instruments need to be moved during the process. The accuracy of results will be affected by environmental instabilities such as shop floor vibration. With ZG’s 3D scanning solution, this problem can be easily tackled.

Secure Accuracy in Harsh Working Environments

Before using HyperScan to conduct scanning, PhotoShot Max is adopted to secure accuracy for the whole project. First, we use the device to capture markers placed on the weldment and import the marker points data into the scanning software. Then, HyperScan paired with optical tracker ZG-Track are utilized to conduct scanning work. According to the marker points data captured beforehand, engineers can carry out real-time tracking freely during the scanning process without the shop-floor vibration.

  • Boost Engineers’ Working Efficiency

With embedded wireless module, PhotoShot Max can realize wireless data transmission and processing without complex surface preparation. In the process of photographing, the engineer can check the analysis results in real-time. Moreover, the exported markers data can be directly applied to 3D scanning. It is easy-to-use with high portability. Operators can take it directly to the workpiece, greatly improving workflow efficiency.

Boost Engineers’ Working Efficiency

  • Optimize Scanning with High Flexibility

When using HyperScan to conduct scanning, to improve accuracy and stability, the static tracking function is adopted. With intelligent interactive system, the hybrid scanning mode can be switched in real-time based on the features of the workpiece and shop floor environment. By leapfrogging the tracker during the scanning process, HyperScan  can capture precise scan data of the whole weldment, which only takes about 1.5 hours.  

Optimize Scanning with High Flexibility

Finally, after importing 3D data into the inspection software, it can automatically generate an intuitive inspection report which describes full-dimensional information of the weldment in detail.

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