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  • Q What’s Hole Flash Capture technology?

    A It’s ZG unique technology to capture hole coordination and center points in seconds, which is widely used for metal sheet in automotive industry.
  • Q What’s output format of 3D scanner?

    A ZG 3D scanner can output below format:
    -Point cloud: .asc, .txt .csv etc;
    -Mesh: .stl .obj .wrl etc.
  • Q What’s the requirement of ambient environment for 3D scanner?

    A ZG 3D scanner is insensitive to ambient environment change once it’s in stable working condition.
  • Q What’s the main difference between 3D laser scanner and CMM?

    A 1, Price—CMM is more expensive than 3D laser scanner;
    2, Accuracy—CMM can ensure higher accuracy than that of 3D laser scanner;
    3, Portability—CMM hardly can move from one position to another, while portable 3D laser scanner is lightweight design and you can take it anywhere;
    4, Working principle—CMM is touch-type measurement which is very old technology, for some soft material, it cannot measure at all; while portable 3D laser scanner is non-contact measurement, literally it can scan anything you like.

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