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3D Visualization


Traditional Internet media communication mainly relies on text, 2D images, video, audio and other means, but the audience can only view objects through a 2D plane. There is no way to view objects with a stereoscopic 3D vision in the real world. 3D laser scanning is a solution to this problem. The 3D laser scanning technology is also called the real-scene copying technology. Through this technology, the spatial position contained in the real-scene information and its corresponding color texture information can be quickly and accurately captured, presenting us a virtual but real space.


Operation Procedures

3D Modeling with ZG Full-color White Light 3D Scanner
GScan is a new multi-functional handheld 3D scanner (white light) developed independently by ZG Technology Co., Ltd. Quick acquisition of the object 30 data, smart, portable, high accuracy, all make GScan a true non-contact measurement solution; No need of positioning targets, intelligent guidance operation.




High Accuracy

Up to 0.01mm


High Efficiency

Measurement rate is up to 2,100,000 measurements/s, single scanning area is up to 600x550mm, can quickly complete the 3D modeling of the product


Wide Adaptability

From miniature play to giant sculptures can be easily modeled


Automatic Mapping

ZG Smart Full-color 3D Scanner GSCAN can automatically capture the surface color texture of the object while scanning, and realize the automatic mapping function.



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