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The Professional Portable 3D Scanner Products


AtlaScan has a large scanning range and super fast scanning efficiency, high scanning accuracy, and resolution, and wide material adaptability which helps users to complete work quickly and well in the face of various complex application scenarios.


RigelScan Series can capture fine features of the parts with an accuracy of up to 0.02mm, certified by the National Institute of Metrology. RigelScan Series applies blue laser scanning technology for easy capturing of a shiny surface.


RigelSLAM is ZG's first SLAM-based portable 3D laser mapping system for long-range scanning, it adopts the technology of SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping).It can carry out self-positioning and incremental 3D mapping in mobile indoors or outdoors without relying on GNSS positioning such as GPS.

What Kind Of Application We Can Explore With Portable 3D Scanner?

Rapid Prototyping,Quality Control,(MRO) Wear & Tear,Analysis,Aerodynamics,Stress Analysis,OEM & Parts Recycling,Reverse Engineering.​​​​​​​
Reverse Engineering,Competitive Product Analysis,Automotive Repacking,Interior Customization,Modeling & Design.​​​​​​​
Casting Parts​​​​​​​
Rough Part Quality Control and Inspection,Machining Processing Design.
Cultural Relic,Art,Sculpture.​​​​​​​
Heavy Industry​​​​​​​
Quality Control,Reverse Engineering,MRO & Wear Analysis,Mechanical/ Tooling Design & Modification,OEM & Parts Recycling.​​​​​​​
Virtual Assembly,Reverse Engineering,Quality Control,Wear and Tear Analysis,Custom Repairs and Modification.

Why We Choose ZG Portable 3D Scanner?

ZG Technology is a professional 3D scanner solution provider, which is an expert in research and developing 3D technology. ZG's portfolio includes a metrology-grade portable 3D laser scanner, optical tracking 3D scanner, smart in-line inspection system, smart full-color 3D scanner and photogrammetry system, which can widely meet different customer requirements, such as quality inspection, reverse engineering, VR&AR, etc.

ZG technology R&D team has 7 doctors and 15 masters, all are the experts in photogrammetry and 3D measurements. ZG Technology is based on independent Intellectual Property Right, cutting edge technologies and achievements fromWuhan University, which gets more than 130 national patents and software copyrights, and has received more than 20national and ministerial-level qualification awards.

Q&A For ZG Portable 3D Scanner

  • This is the first time I buy the 3D Laser Scanner, is it easy to operate?
    Yes! We can provide the operation manual or video for guiding.
    If it is hard for you to learn, we can also provide online training by "Team Viewer" or Skype easily.
  • Are you trading company or manufacturer?
    We are manufacturer of preofessional metrology-grade 3D laser scanners.
  • Can I visit your factory and where is your location?
    Our factory is based in Wuhan, China. If it is not covinent for you to come to China we can arrange online meeting with you to demonstrate our company and products.
  • What is your MOQ?
    Our MOQ is 1 set.
  • What is your packing and shipping method?
    The package of our 3D laser scanner is 1 set/ suitcase, including the scanner main unit and whole set of accessories.
    The shipping method is by air express.

More Products In ZG Portfolio

ZG Reference Customer (Excerpt)

The Application Cases Of Portable 3D Scanner

  • Marker-free & Tracker-free Road Bike Scan
    "Riding on the road bike is a wonderful experience, as wind passes through in speed, you are just like flying over the earth."
    Today we got a job to scan a road bike, without placing a single marker or working with an optical tracker, we can easily scan road bike with complex structures and details within 15 mins by using our MarvelScan, Smart Reverse-positioning Blue Laser 3D Scanner.

    "It's really quick and easy to scan the whole bike with such compact & portable device, and scan data quality is very satisfying".--Alice commented.
  • Shiny Wheel Hub Scan
    With the development of modernization, the number of automobiles in my country has increased rapidly. As an important force-bearing part of a car in contact with the ground, whether the wheel is qualified or not is of key significance to driving safety. It is affected by the dynamic torque of the car when starting and braking and also bears the irregular alternating force generated by dynamic loads in different directions such as the turning of the car during driving, the impact of bumpy roads, and road obstacles. Therefore, any part of the wheel needs to be strictly inspected before being put into use.

    As one of the major parts of the wheel, the wheel hub is of key importance for the performance of the wheel. The wheel hub production process is low-pressure casting with strong adaptability and many design varieties, but with low production cost. But problems like material spring back and mold wear also occur during the die-casting process. Then it is necessary to use testing methods to inspect the wheel hub to make sure match the CAD model.

    Traditional inspection methods will need to take a lot of time and raise the cost of manufacturing. To shorten the inspection time for mass production, our smart portable blue laser 3D scanner- RigelScan Plus could take this challenge very well.

    Let's see how ZG RigelScan Plus takes this challenge to meet customer requirements quickly & well.
    ✅ Non-contact Measurement, flexible to scan the part without any contact on the part surface;
    ✅ High-Efficiency Scanning speed up to 1,350,000 measurements/s.
    ✅ The accuracy is up to 0.02mm
    ✅ User-friendly. Easy to install the device by cable connection, and new users without rich metrology experience can plug and play with simple training.
    ✅ High Adaptability, which is insensitive to different working environments.

Stories & Tips About ZG Portable 3D Scanner

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Nowadays, our manufacturing industry can produce plastic parts at very large scale and high quality. However, the quality of injection-molded plastic parts is influenced by multiple factors. From the injection mold itself to the various processing parameters, and the ratio of plastic materials used, etc., even a small error can lead to quality issues in the whole high-volume, mass-production process.

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Whether you’re buying your first 3D scanner or upgrading an existing one, there are many factors to consider before choosing the right 3D scanner for your application. In this article, we will discuss about the most important things to consider before making the decision and help you to choose the most suitable 3D scanner.

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