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Exploring the Power of 3D Scanning in Aerospace Industry

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Under the trend of globalization, the expansion of international trade, tourism and cultural exchange has facilitated the rapid development of aerospace industry. It connects people across every continent and stimulates worldwide economic growth. The aerospace industry has complex and demanding requirements towards accuracy and safety. The measuring technologies and devices used to inspect the aircraft and components are essential to ensure the aircraft performance and occupant safety.


The aircraft surfaces and components are designed to be aerodynamic to reduce the impacts of drag and deformation. The failure of identifying defects of aircraft will result in fatal accidents.


  • Large Size, Unable to Move Freely

When using traditional contact method, operator is required to transport the target object to a specialized measuring room. However, due to the large size of aircraft and its components, it is hard to achieve and will inevitably increase the workload of operator.

  • Curved Surface, Hard to Scan

Regardless of conducting product development or maintenance and overhaul for aircraft fuselage and parts, it is essential to capture precise dimensional data to support analysis. Nevertheless, with the features of curved surfaces, irregular shape and complex structure, using traditional contact methods with instable accuracy cannot get full-field and intricate details of these hard-to-reach areas, which may contribute to human errors and deviation of analysis results.

  • Time-Consuming, Labor-Intensive and High Cost

Nowadays, a commercial aircraft is composed of millions of parts. Every part and component are manufactured with advanced composite materials that require careful handling. Additionally, to obtain precise analysis results, it is imperative for operator to conduct inspection from every angle of the parts. With limited scanning range, using contact measurement tools is time-consuming. The lack of qualified operators will also increase the cost for measurements.

Our Solutions

With cutting-edge blue laser technology, ZG provides complete and customized 3D scanning solutions that cater to various measurement needs. To help manufacturers accelerate digital transformation of aircraft development and ensure optimal aircraft performance, we adopt RigelScan, the smart handheld blue laser 3D scanner, to optimize product development process and ensure safe operation of the aircraft.

Product Development

  • High Efficiency



飞机停在跑道上 描述已自动生成

Compared to traditional methods, with high scanning speed up to 2,100,000 measurements/s and large scanning area up to 600x550mm, RigelScan can complete the scanning for a helicopter with length of 4 to 5 meters within about 2 hours, which increases the work efficiency of manufacturer dramatically.

  • Ultra-Fine Details

The scanning accuracy is up to 0.01mm, which can help manufacturer capture ultra-fine details of the helicopter fuselage quickly and easily. By analyzing 3D surface data to generate 3D model, manufacturer can develop new aircraft and parts with less product redesign time and reduce the risk of measurement errors.

  • Great Adaptability

The advanced blue laser technology adopted by RigelScan has the feature of stronger anti-interference. It can obtain data on dark and shiny surface easily, which is highly adaptable for the scanning of aircraft parts of various color and materials.


Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul


  • Inspect Surface Damage with Easy Operation

Bird strike and foreign object impact are serious safety threat to aerospace industry. They will cause dents and holes on the aircraft fuselage and components, which have catastrophic impacts on the safety of crew and passengers. By adopting RigelScan, a single operator can conduct inspection with one-hand operation without the compensation of accuracy, regardless the size of aircraft components.


  • Auto Inspection Report Generation



By importing high precision scan data into the software and conduct 3D comparison with CAD model, the depth and width of dents can be inspected automatically, and an intuitive inspection will be generated, to help manufacturer assess and determine the aircraft damage condition effectively.

About ZG

ZG Technology is a professional metrology-grade 3D Scanner solution provider in China based on independent Intellectual Property Rights, cutting-edge technologies, and achievements from Wuhan University, which develops advanced 3D portable measurement technologies and provides complete engineering services. Our products and services include high-precision 3D laser scanners and complete 3D scanning solutions, which are widely applied in the fields of automotive manufacturing, aerospace, military, 3D printing, cultural relics conservation and etc.

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