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GScan Smart Full Color 3D Scanner with Turntable Automated Scanning

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  • GScan

  • ZG Technology

GScan is a new multi-functional handheld 3D scanner(white light) developed independently by ZG Technology Co., Ltd. Quick acquisition of the object 3D data, smart, portable, high accuracy, all make GScan a true non-contact measurement solution.

No need of positioning targets, intelligent guidance operation. Lightweight, easy to carry, easy operation, multi-function scanning to meet different requirements. 

Product Features

3D White Light Scanner

White light technology

Using white light raster fringe projection technology

Single scan area is up to 250×185mm

3D Scanning real-time display

Visualized Operation

Real-time scanning data dispaly

The scan status and color texture effects can be viewed

3D Scanner with industrial cameras

Industrial Color Camera

Using industrial-grade color cameras, restore the real color

Marker-free Scanning

No need to place markers


Use specific raster fringe projection to cover the object surface

Merge data by geometry

Technical Specifications
Model  GScan
Scanning Mode
Handheld Mode Fixed Mode
Projection Mode
speckle/ stripe projection
grating stripe projection
Accuracy up to 0.1mm up to 0.05mm
Volumetric Accuracy
0.3 mm/m -
Measurement Rate
550,000 measurements/s
single scan < 2s
Resolution up to 0.5mm 0.2mm
Recommended Object Size
0.15 ~ 4.00m 0.03 ~ 0.25m
Positioning Method geometry, targets, combined turntable positioning, geometry, targets
Scanning Area 250×185mm

Light Source

white light (LED)

Stand-off Distance

Depth of Field 200mm
Texture Mapping Accuracy 1 pixel
Operation System
Connection Standard
USB 3.0
Working Temperature
-20 ~ 40℃
Working Humidity(Non-condensing)
10% - 90%
Export format
.stl, .ply, .obj, .txt, .xyz, .asc. etc.customizable

Compatible Softwares

3D Systems (Geomagic Solutions), InnovMetric Software (PolyWorks), Dassault Systems (CATIA V5 and SolidWorks), PTC (Pro/ ENGINEER), Autodesk (Inventor, Alias, 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage), Siemens (NX and Solid Edge) etc.

GScan Applications

1. Scan Engine Parts with Markers Positioning

3D Scan with Reflection Markers Positioning

3D Scan Models

2. Scan Object without Markers, Merge Data by Geometry

Marker-free 3D Scanning

Merge 3D Scan Data Based On Geometric Features

3. Cultural Relics, Sculptures Scanning and 3D Visualization

Cultural relics 3D Scanning

Cultrual Relics 3D Display, 3D Visualization

Our Advantages

Smart 3D Scanner

Innovation Never Ceases

Smart Full-color 3D Laser Scanner

ISO Standard Quality

3D White Light Scanner

Global Sales Network

Smart 3D Laser Scanner with Automated 3D Scanning

24/7 Technique Support

Smart Full-color 3D Scanner with Marker-free Scanning

Professional Training System

Our Services

Smart Full-color 3D Scanner with Automated Scanning

Customer Services





  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Quality Control

  • (MRO) Wear & Tear

  • Analysis

  • Aerodynamics

  • Stress Analysis

  • OEM & Parts Recycling

  • Reverse Engineering



  • Reverse Engineering

  • Competitive Product Analysis

  • Automotive Repacking

  • Interior Customization

  • Modeling & Design



  • Quality Control

  • Reverse Engineering

  • MRO & Wear Analysis

  • Mechanical/ Tooling Design & Modification

  • OEM & Parts Recycling



  • Virtual Assembly

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Quality Control

  • Wear and Tear Analysis

  • Custom Repairs and Modification



  • Rough Part Quality Control and Inspection

  • Machining Processing Design



  • Cultural Relic

  • Art

  • Sculpture



  • Product Styling and Design Inspection

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Tooling Design

  • VR&AR



  • Orthosis/ Prosthesis Design and Manufacture 

  • Wound Monitoring

  • Bilogical Specimen

  • Medical Identification

1.Q: This is the first time I buy the 3D Laser Scanner, is it easy to operate?

A: Yes! We can provide the operation manual or video for guiding.  

If it is hard for you to learn, we can also provide online training by "Team Viewer" or Skype easily.

2.Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are manufacturer of preofessional metrology-grade 3D laser scanners.

3.Q: Can I visit your factory and where is your location?

A: Our factory is based in Wuhan, China.

During the COVID-19 pandemic period, we suggest you to stay safe and we can arrange online meeting with you to demonstrate our company and products.

4.Q: What is your MOQ?

A: Our MOQ is 1 set. 

5.Q: What is your packing and shipping method?

A: The package of our 3D laser scanner is 1 set/ suitcase, including the scanner main unit and whole set of accessories.

The shipping method is by air express.


A Professional 3D Scanner Solution Provider



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