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How is the 3D scanning system applied in mechanical measurement and inspection?

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A pavement milling machine is an efficient pavement maintenance equipment, which can mill and grind pavement in a large or partial area and recycle old materials, then lay new materials for pavement resurfacing. It can also roughen up pavement with a low friction coefficient to obtain higher pavement roughness. A pavement milling machine is one of the necessary equipment for mechanized maintenance of high-grade highways and urban roads, and also one of the important equipments for old pavement recycling. 


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What is the measurement principle of the 3D scanning system?

How is the 3D scanning system applied in mechanical measurement and detection?


What is the measurement principle of the 3D scanning system?

The geometric measurement principle is similar for different types of 3D laser scanning systems. Among them, ZG 3D laser scanners adopt the laser triangulation technology. Laser triangulation is a machine vision technique used to capture 3D scan data by combining laser generators with cameras. For ZG 3D laser scanners, the laser lines projected onto the object deforms along with the shape of the object, the two cameras take specific shape and get 3D scan data of the object surface.

 3D scanning system

How is the 3D scanning system applied in mechanical measurement and inspection?

The milling drum is the core part of the pavement milling machine and needs to be strictly tested to avoid load wear and deformation which can shorten the service life of the equipment. The traditional way of milling drum inspection is conducted by probe contact measurement, as there are many angles hard to reach on the part, the measurement speed is slow and the data is usually incomplete. In addition, the cutter head of the milling drum is movable, so that it's very difficult to measure cutter head position accurately after assembly. The 3D scanning system is an accurate and comprehensive solution for this task, After obtaining the scan data by ZG 3D laser scanner, the cutter head and milling drum scan data can be virtually assembled in software for inspection, the working efficiency is greatly improved.

The hardware of the intelligent optical 3D scanning system is composed of an optical tracker and a handheld 3D laser scanner with rigid structure marker frame. In the scanning process, there is no need to place positioning markers on the measured workpiece, which not only improves the convenience of using and operating the handheld scanner but also truly realizes instant scanning at the scanning site. The 3D scanner does not have high requirements for working conditions and spatial location of the workpiece, the workpiece can be scanned and inspected directly on the processing line. It only takes 30 minutes to acquire the 3D scan data of the whole milling drum surface, which makes the subsequent inspection more convenient and faster. Scan data can be compared with a CAD solid 3D model to generate color map, allowing inspectors to view deviation of physical product directly. For mass production parts, only the first article needs manual operation for the entire scanning and inspection process; For the rest parts, operations such as alignment of scan data with the CAD model, dimensional inspection, and report output can be performed automatically. The entire process can be digitally archived so that subsequent quality issues can be tracked and the source of the problem can be figured out quickly.

The 3D laser scanner enables fast and accurate full-dimensional measurement of mechanical equipment with strong product defect tracing performance. It provides easy-to-understand inspection reports which can improve product quality and reduce design changes overall. ZG Technology's product line covers from portable metrology-grade 3D scanners which provide high-precision measurements to the most complete 3D scanning solutions for metrology-grade measurements of all materials. ZG 3D scanners are widely used in automotive manufacturing, aerospace, military, healthcare, energy utilities, research and education, VR/AR, 3D printing and cultural creativity and other fields. 

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